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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  November 21, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> the president said to find a way to make cuts or there will be a veto. >> reporter: polls show americans by two to one say they will blame republicans. it looked like the supercommittee couldn't fail when it was set up last summer because the penalties for failure are so strict. even though they could have made a deal up to midnight tonight, the 12 members of the special committee gave up. it ended with a whimper at a mostly empty u.s. capital. the chair said we are deeply disappointed that it will not be po possible to make any bipartisan agreement. max baucus and patty murray conferred. rob portman for the republicans but the full bipartisan
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committee had no meeting. despite president obama's urging. >> keep going. keep working. let's keep at it. no politics, no delays, no excuses. >> reporter: republicans blamed him. >> what has the president done? now and then he phones in. you can't be e.t. you have to lead. >> reporter: the supercommittee could not make a deal to cut $1.2 trillion in red ink. democrats say don't blame us. >> we are the only ones who put almost $4 trillion deal on the table. we did that. >> democrats resisted entitlement cuts. >> there's a lot of money to be saved there without cutting benefits for people on medicare, for example. i know our democratic friends portray it as the choice. it's not the choice. >> republicans resisted higher taxes on the wealthy. >> if they take the bush tax cuts off and let the american people decide, we could have an agreement today. >> reporter: it means automatic defense cuts in january, 2013.
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bad plan said mitt romney. >> the world is a dangerous place. we are going to put the military on the chopping block? it's like holding a gun at your own head. >> reporter: the gun was aimed at the supercommittee. on this final day to get a deal, nothing worked. in a move that could add to the deficit, republican leaders on the hill are angling for ways to reduce the automatic defense cuts. it's a good bet democrats will try to maneuver to keep the entitlement cuts below $600 billion. >> no end in sight. steve handelsman reporting. thank you, steve. news of the supercommittee's inability to reach a deal sent stocks tumbling. the dow was off 2%. the nasdaq was down 49 points. s&p 500 lost 22 points today. new appointments today as d.c. mayor vincent gray continues a shake up for top levels of administration. he's had a rough 11 months in
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office. he's trying to improve communications operation and his image. tom sherwood has more on this. >> he fussed at reporters for focusing on bad news. many agreed he needed to make more changes at the top. after weeks of confidential inside discussions, he took new steps to settle down the 11-month-old administration naming a new press secretary and deputy chief of staff. >> unfortunately, people get focused on the things that may be controversial. all we are asking for is fairness. >> gray, earlier this year hired a new chief of staff after controversy sis over the hiring and the hiring of their adult children. the u.s. attorney's office continues to investigate those hirings and allegations of campaign wrong doing. they said that ongoing probe had little influence in their decision to work with gray.
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sheila bun, a long time activist in the city. >> i know firsthand his integrity. i know firsthand his passion for the city and those reasons alone propelled me to come work for him. >> new press secretary is leaving capitol hill job. he's lived in the city ten years. >> timing was not a factor. i met with the mayor several times since the process began. it's the only reassurance i needed, talking to the mayor. >> reporter: he is focusing on running the city. to help get around grumpy reporters he started putting announcements on youtube. jim, back to you. >> tom sherwood, thank you. a supervisor for the transportation security administration at dulles airport is under arrest. the incident happened earlier yesterday morning on winfield loop in manassas. he assaulted a 37-year-old
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woman. rodman in a tsa uniform at the time displayed a badge, assaulted her and ran away. police arrested him at his home down the street a short time later. >> anytime this is reported to police, we conduct a canvas, basically of surrounding neighborhoods and residences. during that canvas, a man came out of his residence that matched the description and was immediately interviewed. tsa holds personnel to the highest professional and ethical standards and investigates all allegations of misconduct. they are working closely with local law enforcement on the matter. penn state university hired a former fbi director to lead the investigation of the child sex abuse allegations. freeh will look into how the university responded when the allegations were made and
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whether there was cover up by administration or coaches. earlier this month. the grand jury accused jerry sandusky of sexually abusing eight boys over a 15 year period. joe paterno was fired for not doing enough when the allegations were made. >> no one is above scrutiny, including every member of the administration of the university, every member of our board of trustees and every employee at penn state university. i'm committed to ensuring our independent investigation be conducted in a thorough, fare, comprehensive manner. >> freeh headed the fbi between 1993 and 2002. he says the inquiry will go back as far as 1975. we invite you to stay with nbc 4 for more on the penn state scandal. tonight on "rock center" with
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brian williams. natalie morales brings a child's view of life in sandusky's circling. we'll hear from a man that met sandusky at 10 years old. that and more at 10:00. bond denied for a man firing an assault rifle at the white house. he's been given a public defender to under go a psychiatric evaluation. >> reporter: handcuffed with chains around his waist, he sat quietly as the judge read the charges against him, including attempted assassination of the president of the united states. he responded with a few words when the judge addressed him, replying yes when asked if he understood the charges against him. prosecutors asked for him to undergo an exam to determine his competence. the 21-year-old idaho native is
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accused of traveling to d.c. and firing a rifle at the white house this month. he later crashed his car near the roosevelt bridge and made his way to pennsylvania where he was caught last week. he made this video shortly before his trip to the east coast. >> i am the modern day jesus christ that you have been waiting for. >> reporter: in court, he was unshaven, hair long, wearing issued clothing. his public defender told the judge that the two witnesses in this case couldn't positively identify ortega and their stories conflicted with one another. u.s. prosecutors disagree. oscar ortega has a criminal history in three states, mostly drug and alcohol offenses. he was already on probation. prosecutors believe him to be a flight risk. add to that the seriousness of the assassination charges. the judge determined he would
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remain in federal custody. a preliminary hearing is scheduled for next monday afternoon. he could get life in prison if he's convicted. at the university of maryland, they are going to eliminate eight programs from the athletic department at the end of the school year. that move is the result of an $11 million budget deficit. among the programs being cut are mens indoor and outdoor track, swimming, diving and tennis. women's acrobatic, tumbling, swimming and diving and water polo. they are working with the eight programs to determine if a funds raising effort can keep them from being eliminated. next, a foil plot gone bad. emotional testimony today in the hacking scandal in britain. tonight, a murder victim's family tells their side of the story.
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>> what's that? oh. hey. i'm jane watrel at the fair oaks mall. whatnot to do when you are shopping this holiday season. out there right now, gloomy and we are dealing with fog in some areas. shower activity that will continue to come through the area. get used to the rain. we are not done with it yet. will it last through thanksgiving? we'll have the forecast coming up. now, let's head out to dan at redskins park. >> you are going to like this one. a pitcher wins the a.l.mvp for the first time. tony stewart atop the nascar standings.
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the inquiry into the media hacking scandal in the united kingdom turned personal with testimony from a child whose mother was murdered. she disappeared in 2002. not long afterward, her cell phone mailbox filled up. someone at news of the world deleted some of the voice mail to make room for more. when she called later, she thought her daughter was alive and checking her voice mail. >> it clicked through on to her voice mail. i heard her voice.
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it was just like she's picked up her voice mail. she's alive! it was then, really. >> her remains were found in a wooded area six months after she disappeared. the hacking of her voice mail did not become public until this summer. it led to such public outrage, news of the world was shut down. hugh grant testified. he blamed another tabloid for hacking into his voice mail. a man is accused of building pipe bombs and threatening a group in new york city. we have details. >> reporter: here at his arraignment, he plotted a terrorist attack targeting police and post offices in the city and soldiers returning to the u.s. >> the suspect was a lone wolf, motivated by his own resentment of the presence of u.s. troops
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in iraq and afghanistan. >> reporter: he appeared in court sunday arraigned on charges of trying to build pipe bombs. >> just finished drilling the third and final bomb. >> reporter: he purchased some of the local ingredients at a store with the help of an nypd informant. at a press conference, new york's police commissioner showed a mock-up of the explosives and played a video of the bomb squad testing the power of the explosives and the damage the suspect could have caused. >> he planned to test the effectiveness of the bombs planting them in mailboxes and detonating them. >> reporter: police have been following him for two years. they deskrik him as an extrooe t
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extremist. despite having the motivation, it appears he wasn't considered a serious threat. >> this is in local courts, the nypd. it didn't involve the fbi. >> reporter: authorities declined to get involved in the case because they believe he's mentally unstable. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. >> he's held without bail. he did not enter a plea. >> it's warm out there today, doug. >> 62 at 11:54. now, it's down to 52. areas to the north in the mid-40s. to the south, they are in the mid-60s. they are the guys thinking warm. it was nice out there earlier, wasn't it? >> yes. >> then the cooler air and the fog and showers came in. guess what, you need the umbrellas over the next not only hours but the next couple days. right through the day on wednesday before things get better. as we head toward our thanksgiving holiday. you can see toward the airport, the visibility has gotten better.
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it was down to a mile at the airport. back up to over three miles. no problems with visibility across the region. areas of fog near west virginia and northern portions of maryland. a record of 62 degrees. it was nice and mild this morning when you stepped outside. 53 was the low. that just happened about an hour ago. get used to the rain. it is going to be here and stay here for the next 24 to 48 hours. there's the current temperature now, 53 degrees with winds out of the northeast at 8 miles per hour. the wind is starting to drop the temperatures. they are not going to go down too far. 46 in frederick. 46 in hagerstown. on the flip side, still on the mild side with a temperature of 63. charlottesville at 61 degrees. waldorf coming in just below the 60 degree market. milder to the south. cooler and gloomier to the north. as far as the rain is concerned,
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more shower activity in west virginia, back toward frederick, toward frederick county and montgomery county. scattered shower activity around northernirginia. most of this on the light side a. mist or drizzle as we make our way through the evening hours. the frederick area is seeing the showers now. all the cloud cover streaming across. look where they are going. follow them. west to east throughout the afternoon. that's the stalled out frontal boundary sitting across the area for not just the day today but tomorrow. area of low pressure to the west means more showers tomorrow and heavier rain by tomorrow afternoon. on wednesday, we'll see this low pressure area pass to the north. we get back to the mild air again. just about everybody gets into the low 60s. some areas mid-60s. a frontal boundary moves by. chilly and windy late wednesday night for the thanksgiving
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holiday. we'll take it through overnight tonight to early tomorrow morning. a chance of showers everywhere tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. that's going to stick around. the heavier rain around 4:00 or 5:00 in the district. tomorrow afternoon, the rush hour could be problematic as far as the rain is concerned. wednesday, scattered showers and heavier downpours as the front moves on through. this evening, cloudy, fog, mild. 57 degrees. 54 to 57 degrees. cooler to the north and warmer to the south. tomorrow morning, you wake up to temperatures in the upper 40s in most locations to around 50 degrees in the city. cloudy with fog likely. the rain is sticking around. make sure you keep the umbrella handy. rain could be heavy at times. mild with temperatures into the mid-50s. we stick into the mid-50s of mid-60s on wednesday with a high temperature of 65 degrees.
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thanksgiving, a high temperature of 57 then 64 on friday. thursday and friday look fantastic. why not throw saturday in there, too. saturday also looks good. now, we are starting off the holiday lights. it is already that time of year, again. i cannot believe it. if you have a lawn you want me to come out to to check out the holiday lights, send a picture to it can be a row home. we want to see all kind of houses. >> this is like the backyard weather thing to go to their house. >> yes. >> you are not just going to show if i cantures on tv? >> remember i did it last year? >> was there hot chocolate involved? it's all coming back to me. peaceful protesters were pepper sprayed by campus police. thieves stealing eyeglass frames. kicking off the food for families drive tonight. we are taking your donations to
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help thousands of families put food on the table this thanksgiving. those are the
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there are a whole lot of families across the area that don't have the means to put food on the table this thanksgiving. you can make a difference. >> there's a bit more than a
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half hour left in the food for families drive. pat lawson muse at the verizon center now waiting donations. pat? >> reporter: hey, jim. hey, doreen. we are in the home stretch. there are a few more minutes to go for our drive here at the verizon center tonight. the phone bank, meanwhile is still open. the phone volunteers have been wondserful all day taking your calls and donations. we still need those donations. back here at the verizon center, there's a caps game taking place tonight. caps fans have been generous. they have been helping us out. >> i saw you raising some money here for a good cause. we figured why not. we consider ourselves very blessed. when we can give back, we like to. we are visiting family in arlington. happy to get to a caps game.
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other than the fact you canceled "my name is earl" w love nbc. >> reporter: what do you have to say? >> i like the capitals. >> it's great for the opportunity to be here and help needy people. >> reporter: even now they are coming by and dropping off bags of food and dollars and donations in the basket. our director of community affairs has been the energy behind this effort for most of the day or the entire day as a matter of fact. she's been organizing the volunteers and the sponsors and can tell us how we are doing. >> we are doing great, pat. thank you so much for all the work you have done down here. all my colleagues, i want to say that some people may say it was a rainy, dreary day but for us, it was a bright, sunny day. standing behind me are members
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of the metropolitan police department, nbc 4 employees. because of the wizards and the mystics and the college and all state and georgetown nurses and our viewers, we are going to be able to feed thousands in our community. we thank people for what they are doing. we want them to know that we really still need more. we are grateful. again, we thank everybody on the phone bank. together we can do great things. i believe we can do greater things. >> reporter: okay. well said. again, just because we are going off the air in a little while and leaving the location, you can still donate online by going to back to you, jim, doreen. >> thanks pat. coming up tonight, a murder suspect released by mistake. we'll tell you how it happened and what they are trying to do to get him back. a holiday hot spot. what you may be doing at the
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mall to make your vulnerable to thieves. coming up in sports for the first time since 1992, a pitcher wins the mvp award. we are talking redskins as well. a twitter spat with a
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the 12 lawmakers assigned to find a way to cut more than $1 trillion from the national deficit failed to do so. automatic budget cuts are supposed to kick in from 14 months from now. some lawmakers are trying to find a way to get around that loop. just 11 months into his tenure, the mayor has a new press secretary and community worker hired as the deputy chief of staff to help the mayor improve his image. the man charged with trying to asass gnat president obama will undergo a test to see if he's okay. his lawyers say there's not enough evidence to charge him.
6:31 pm
nevertheless, he was ordered held without bond. a murder suspect released from the prince george's county jail. frederick scott posted bail and walked out of jail. >> he was never supposed to be able to do that. he was being held without bail. >> reporter: 24-year-old frederick scott charged in a murder that happened at a nightclub in march was released from the county jail after posting a $75,000 bond. authorities are blaming it on a clerical error. paperwork from another defendants file was accidentally placed in scott's file leading to his release from jail. the other defendant had a $75,000 bond. >> we are hoping to get him back in custody. if he can turn himself in, it's the best thing for everybody involved. >> reporter: his attorney says there was another factor
6:32 pm
involved. one of the two indictments was dropped and the no bond status was not transferred to the remaining case. he says when he walked out of the jail, he walked out rightfully. he didn't escape. it wasn't a trick. according to online court information scott was released november 10th. a bench warrant issued for his arrest friday. cops didn't know about the error until last monday. scott, the son of a d.c. police officer was charged in connection with the shooting death of a man in ed monson. >> he's wanted for first degree murder. it involved a firearm. we would like the public to be aware he's out there and could be a threat to the public. we would like their assistance in bringing him in. >> reporter: a spokesperson said steps are being taken to make sure this doesn't happen again.
6:33 pm
darcy spencer, news 4. >> the state's attorney issued a statement late this afternoon confirming the fact information from another person's case was placed in his file. they took immediate action to correct the mistake. police say a woman approached a 59-year-old shopper in a parking lot and said she was out of gas. the victim offered to drive her to a nearby gas station. the victim got out and wasn't hurt. in light of the violence over the weekend, fairfax county police hosted an online chat about safety this weekend. technology can make you a target. jane watrel is in fair oaks with the story. >> reporter: they are high-tech helpers holding shopping lists, reminders, appointments and texts. >> i always check my phone but try to pay attention to where i'm going.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: security experts say cell phones can be major distractions making shoppers vulnerable to bad guys. >> so many times people are talking on their cell phone and become unaware there's somebody behind them or walking. it's one more distraction you have to be aware of. >> reporter: security guards report a distracted shopper sat down purchases to have a thief walk off with the gifts. a concern for many as they use handheld devices. >> i'm focused on my ipad. it could have been taken and i wouldn't notice it. >> reporter: others banish their phones to their purses. a group plan, say experts. >> what happens is most people set down their bags to go do something else. that's when they are the most vulnerable. >> reporter: you don't have to
6:35 pm
leave your cell phone home, it's a great safety device. put it on vibrate and tuck it away to avoid being victimized. in fairfax, jane watrel, news 4. police are asking for help to identify a group of people who they say are stealing eyeglasses in fairfax county. the suspects in the surveilness photos stolen nearly a dozen pair of expensive glasses. they have been to four stores in the county. the four eye store in alexandria. one distracts the sales clerk. another steals the glasses. it might be related to similar thefts. thousands of people marched on the campus of the university of california davis today to protest the police who pepper sprayed a group of demonstrators. thousands of students and staff at the rally demanded respect. the officers sprayed the
6:36 pm
demonstrators after they refused to leave a campus protest on friday. they were sitting peacefully in linked arms. two officers have been placed on paid administrative leave. some faculty and students are calling for the university's chancellor to step down. the chancellor says she has no plans to do that. 11 students treated for injuries. some spoke out today. >> so painful. your eyes are just in excruciating pain and it goes up your nose. you start choking. >> the police came and brutalized them and tore their tents down and all that stuff. it was scary. it felt like there was anarchy everywhere. >> d.c. mayor gray is weighing in. he was shocked by the casual use of pepper spray by non-violent protesters. he praised d.c. police for
6:37 pm
maintaining professionalism while dealing with the occupy d.c. protesters. a flash mob robbery. why a particular
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hello, erveds.
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good afternoon. i'm meteorologist doug kammerer here in storm center 4 talking about what's happening outside today. a gloomy day. 53 degrees is the current temperature now. fog was a problem. now it's lifted. fog is less than a half mile visibility. give yourself extra time in virginia and maryland. we have the rain out there now. much is a light rain or drizzle. there are heavier showers or moderate showers around frederick county. we are going to continue to see it to the east. watch out if you are in portions of northern virginia or maryland. we continue to see the showers. what about traveling? if you are traveling for the thanksgiving weekend on wednesday, watch for the east coast. more rain to the northwest. no snow to talk about across the entire country. this is not going to be a big problem as far as travel goes.
6:41 pm
wednesday or thursday, thursday looking better for travel around our area on the chilly side. plenty of sunshine along the east. >> thanks, doug. police need help identifying a large group of young people involved in a flash mob robbery. it happened saturday night. police released this video. investigators say 50 teenagers and young adults were involved in the robbery. officers found six suspects none of them having receipts. they may have wondered from a birthday party in the area. an 18 mile stretch of high way set to open tomorrow. it links i-270 and 95. it allows drivers to go from gaithersburg to laurel without getting on the beltway. it's a toll road, but for the first two weeks, it's free. it opens at 6:00 in the morning. the last link, that extended the
6:42 pm
road to route 1 is expected to open in spring, 2014. sports, dan hellie out ott a park. what are they feeling out there today? >> vince and doreen, it feels a little better, i guess, if there is a thing of moral victories. some are getting in trouble via twitter. we are going to talk about deangelo hall and london fletcher continues to play like
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so dan is out at the park. am i hearing from you there's drama going on? is that what i'm hearing? >> isn't there always? >> it's funny. actually, the last couple weeks, they stunk up the joint on the field but little drama off the field. in seasons past, tons of drama. i'm going to talk about the da ma in a minute. first, i want to bring in trevor price, 14 year nfl player. did i hear you right, you are a believer in moral victories? >> listen, the way things have been going, i would take any shred of light. the light is either a train or daylight. yes, i'm a believer. i have been in those games with mike where things don't go well, you don't win, but he doesn't
6:46 pm
berate you and make you feel bad. >> at least this is proven the team has not given up yet despite the fact they lost six in a row. the dagger for defense has to be the playing in overtime. the third and 15. tony romo did what he's done to the redskin sos many times before. he found the same guy he found the first game of the season. deangelo hall slipped. i know you heard this, but i want to have our viewers hear this again. this is deangelo hall after the game when asked about that. >> you gotta walk the talk and talk the talk. i been talking the talk and i been expecting, you know, the best out of them and them to rise to the occasion. when opportunity presents itself and i don't go out and make the play, it's frustrating. the way i'm playing they need to
6:47 pm
cut me. i'm definitely not worth what i'm getting. it's frustrating. hopefully they see something in me and bring me back next year. the way things are going next year, i'm definitely not playing up to par. >> when you give up the play, regardless of what the play is and you take it personally. i think a number of our players do it. it gives you the chance to get better. if you don't have that mind set, say it's just a play, you know, to me, you are not getting the right stuff. i like guy that is are tough on themselves. work to make sure it doesn't happen the next opportunity you get. >> listen, it's not like mike shanahan was going to come in, call up deangelo hall and say you're cut. >> it's a shout over the bow. i think he was talking next season. he plays well. he's playing at a high level and he's the captain of the team. shanahan likes guys like that.
6:48 pm
put it on my shoulders. the problem is, the weight you are trying to bear might be too heavy for you. he's gone through this before. hey, cut me. you're cut. don't ask for this. i don't think you ask for this. everybody likes you to stand-up. hey, put it on my shoulders. there's 21 other guy that is started that game and they didn't all get it done. you know, i understand the frustration after the game. maybe if you talked to him monday, it would be different. very visible, if you decide to go to twitter, tell a fan to kill himself like one did after a cowboy's fan got in his head. fred davis took to twitter and called a fan an idiot. i guess the key is, you don't engage after a loss when you are still heated. >> i'm of the mind set, i believe this, proathletes and twitter are going to be the end
6:49 pm
of mankind. they start saying stuff. you become, there's no filter. nobody to tell you hey, don't do that. don't do this. say whatever you want. it goes bad. >> here is what he had to say today when asked about his twitter meltdown. >> i don't know. something got took out of text. cowboys fans. i tell him, dude, all right, leave me alone. don't talk to me. >> i heard he said something. i said don't tell me what he said until after the press conference so i don't have to comment on it. i was really getting ready for seattle and i don't want to get into detail on that. i'm trying to be honest with you. >> mike shanahan knew what we were talking about. >> he knew exactly what you were talking about. >> i know him well. he's versed in what's going on. >> speaking act people who know. justin verlander, the first
6:50 pm
pitcher since 1992 to win an mvp award. he had an amazing season. tony stewart, he started the season not so good, then he began the chase ninth and ends up winning the championship. he ended the final race by three points. drama in south florida. first caution of the race is trouble for stewart. damage to his grill. they were scrambling for parts. he had to restart back in 40th place. with 200 laps to go, he moves into 12th, passing one car after another after another. he passed 118 car, not all at once. he made his way to the front finally passing jeff gordon. on the final lap, edwards behind stewart, smoke. tony stewart takes the checkers. stewart ties him in points.
6:51 pm
he won five races in the chase for the cup. he owns the tie breaker. tony stewart the nascar sprint cup champion. you are going to like this, he's part owner of the race team. he's going to get paid twice. >> pretty good. i like it. >> i don't think we're going to see that anytime soon. >> no, we're not. >> thank you, guys. >> thanks, gentlemen. coming up next, local alumni try to bring new life to a neglected landmark. >> we invite you to follow news 4 an line
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the political battle in virginia did not end with the election. democrats are going to go to court the challenge the republicans to reorganize the state's senate. it brought a 2020 split along party lines. the republicans say state law allows him to cast the tie breaking vote in the senate including when it's organizing committees. the make up is important because it can say when the bills are passed along for full senate votes. a d.c. school is celebrating this week. the alexander building has a rich history in northeast. that community now wants that neglected landmark to once again
6:55 pm
be a landmark for educated children. derrick ward reports. >> reporter: they owe their origins to the railroads. they built a house that brought developers parcelling out adjacent parts of land. they largely defined the notions of the area. travel down one of these streets and go back in time to the early 20th century. it was becoming increasingly african-american. >> at that time, it was like a village. >> reporter: at the center, built as a colored school. it was named for alexander crumel. the building and the heritage attached to the name was a source of pride. romaine thomas was a student there. >> i ended upcoming back to teach at the school. >> reporter: thomas' long-time friend said it was a community
6:56 pm
term before that term was en vogue. >> very cooperative, very supportive. it was a wonderful time i had here. >> reporter: since the closing in the '60s, the school has fallen into disrepair. they gather and pray that it be put to use again in a community left with few amenities. >> this is a very historical place. >> reporter: they are encouraged by what's happening. change is in the air. there are those concerned as change comes it wouldn't include those who have lived here. they say that is as much of a tragedy as neglect. they ask for balance as well. the things that make communities in this town attractive. >> leave us trees, please. wednesday marks the 100th anniversary of the school. it's owned by the d.c. public
6:57 pm
schools. >> we always hear about travel nightmares during the holidays. what about an airport with a 100% on time arrival? we have the scoop on that and which airlines ranked first when it came to cancellations. we have a preview of the story. >> have you noticed how expensive it is to fly these days? the last thing you want to do is pay more because your flight was canceled. we show the most recent stats on how the airlines are doing when it comes to canceled flights, delays and mishandled luggage. we dug through all the data to pick the next flight for your next trip. there was good news involving one area airport. a 100% on time arrival rate but you have to go at a certain time of the day. where and when, travel days. a special report tonight at
6:58 pm
11:00. >> sounds like something we need to know. a final check on the weather, doug? >> a gloomy night. i's going to continue to be gloomy with the fog and shower activity. really, a persistent mist or drizzle throughout the rest of the night. tomorrow, a high of 57 degrees. a good chance of rain tomorrow. everybody sees rain. wednesday more of the same. 65 then cooler in the afternoon. thursday, cool but a high of 57 with sunshine means a great thanksgiving. friday is warmer. temperatures in the low to mid-60s. thursday, friday and saturday all looking good before the next chance of rain as we end the weekend. now, a good thanksgiving holiday. >> so warm. thank you, doug. a spectacle under way that many of us wish we were there to see. it's in mexico where millions of monarch butterflies began to arrive in the central part of that country.
6:59 pm
many of these butterflies traveled 2500 miles to get there. they do it every year. they cannot survive the harsh winters of northern states. the monarchs that live east of the rockies go to mexico to hibernate. monarchs living west of the rockies find their way to southern california. in the spring, they will make the return trip, fly all the way back to feed on young plants not available in places where they spend the wintertime. that's incredible. >> amazing to think about a fragile butterfly flying 2500 miles. >> they have no gps and know where they want to go every time. never on the broadcast tonight -- a super failure on the super committee debt deal. it came down to congress and they couldn't do it. tonigh


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